Small Faces Discography

Between their formation in 1965 and 1969, when Steve Marriott left the group to join Humble Pie, the Small Faces released three studio albums, “Small Faces” (Decca), “Small Faces” (Immediate), and “Ogdens Nut Gone Flake”.

The Decca album “From The Beginning” was a compilation of previous hits and unreleased material. The album “There Are But Four Small Faces” was a US-only release of the UK album “Small Faces” (Immediate) but with a very different track listing.

After Steve Marriott left the band Immediate released a double album retrospective “Autumn Stone” and a shortened single-disc version “In Memoriam” (with a different track listing that split the album into a live and studio side).

After reforming in 1975 the band (without Ronnie Lane) released two albums, 1977’s “Playmates” and “78 In The Shade” before calling it a day for good in 1979.

Small Faces (1966) AlbumSmall FacesDecca1966
Small FacesSmall FacesImmediate1967
There Are But Four Small FacesThere Are But Four Small FacesImmediate1967
Small Faces From The beginningFrom The BeginningDecca1967
Small Faces Ogdens Nut Gone FlakeOgdens’ Nut Gone FlakeImmediate1968
Small Faces In MemoriamIn MemoriamImmediate1969
The Autumn StoneThe Autumn StoneImmediate1969
78 In The Shade78 In The ShadeAtlantic1978
Small Faces The BBC SessionsThe BBC SessionsTrue North Recordings1999

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  • Are there any plans to re – release Playmates and 78 in the shade I have all other albums and box sets

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