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All Or Nothing

Song Facts Album: From The Beginning Release Date: 2 June1967 Chart Position (UK): 17 I thought you’d listen to my reason But now I see, you don’t hear a thing Try to make you see, how it’s got to be Yes it’s all, all or nothing Yeah yeah, All or nothing All or nothing, for… Read More »


Song Facts Album: Small Faces (1966) Release Date: 28 January 1966 Chart Position (UK): 3 B-Side: Grow Your Own Length: 2:56 Writers: Kenny Lynch/Mort Shuman Picked her up on a Friday night Sha la la la lee, yeah I knew everything gonna be alright Sha la la la lee, yeah Sha la la la lee… Read More »

I’ve Got Mine

Song Facts Album: – Release Date: 5 November 1965 Chart Position (UK): – B-Side: It’s Too Late Length: 2:54 Writers: Marriott/Lane I just sit here everyday Wondering what you’ll have to say But you read this letter ‘Cause I just wrote her that I’m fine Between the lines she’ll know I’m crying Can’t forget her… Read More »

Whatcha Gonna Do About It

Song Facts Album: Small Faces (1966) Release Date: 6 August 1965 Chart Position (UK): 14 B-Side: What’s A Matter Baby Length: 1:59 Writers: Brian Potter/Ian Samwell I want you to know that I love you, baby Want you to know that I care I’m so happy when you’re ’round me but I’m Sad when you’re… Read More »

Lazy Sunday

Song Facts Album: Ogdens’ Nut Gone flake Release Date: 5 April 1968 Chart Position (UK): 2 B-Side: Rollin’ Over Length: 3:06 Writers: Marriott/Lane Wouldn’t it be nice, to get on with me neighbours But they make it very clear, they’ve got no room for ravers They stop me from groovin’, they bang on me wall… Read More »